Content Creation, Distribution & Licensing

Skyline Media puts content creation at the heart of every campaign. We ensure that all content produced for clients elevates their brand messaging & is crafted with specific goals in mind. The formats of content we create include; social media tailored content, rich content for blogs, visual content and audio/voice content such as podcasts or radio ads.

The core of Skyline Media’s content offering is digital distribution of audio and visual content and through a seamless and specialized technical process, TV shows, podcasts, music and videos are submitted, digitized and ingested to platforms that deliver content products to millions of consumers across the World.

Event Production

The process of Skyline Media’s event management is one that was very organic. Due to the increase demand from clients to offer event service management or elements related to events, Skyline Media developed an events management division with a fully equipped and experienced team.

Our event management services include Securing and managing venues, Stage design and lighting, Crowd management, RSVP and accreditation management, Back stage management, Entertainment management, Décor and catering, Guest management, just to mention a few. Our event management services vary from small corporate events to conferences, award ceremonies, exhibitions and gala dinners.

Digital Marketing

At Skyline Media we focus on creating engaging content for the African digital landscape. We also build and develop websites, landing pages, campaign microsites and custom mailers not to mention customized social media content and remarketing banners. We are also hands-on in the wire-framing and UX process, as well as building SEO ranking, using best practices.

Strategic Creative Design

Over the years we’ve proven ourselves to be able to not only offer quick turn-around time in terms of design, but also assist clients with the production of branding material. We have a database of reliable suppliers that assist us to render legendary service to our clients through prioritizing the jobs of our clients for production, committing to deadlines and quantities and delivery accordingly & not to compromise the quality of the branding required. Whether it’s standard pull up banners, or custom branding. Skyline Media is able to help client deliver branding under tight deadlines without compromising the quality programmes of treatment that are finely tuned for each client.


We understand the value of bridging the gap between content and marketing and over the years we have been extensively involved in the creation, proposal and execution of a number of marketing strategies, concepts, sponsorship proposals and marketing strategies. At Skyline Media we believe marketing through traditional media channels has to move hand in hand with marketing through digital media channels to get the most results out of a campaign. Traditional media makes you a household brand while digital media makes you a cool brand.

Media Buying

We’re proficient in media buying and negotiating. We strive to achieve maximum impact for our clients irrespective the budget. Over the years our team has mastered the art of negotiating placement and price. We not only hammer out the best deals for our client. We believe that the best media buying is all about making sure that we are able to track everything and analyze the campaign results.


We are creative storytellers who believe in creating authentic, captivating and compelling content that resonates with your audience – one line at a time. As critical thinkers, our strategic approach to your brand enables us to explore your campaign goals, provide insight into your target audience and formulate innovative concepts and content which speaks directly to your audience.

Our integrated approach responds to your needs and helps you achieve your business goals through the right mix of TV production, graphic design, radio production, event and many other communication platforms. Skyline Media brings ideas to life and spark change through communication that is simple, yet meaningful and effective.

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