Rita Kanya Mujuni: A Journey in the Media & a New Era for the Ugandan Podcast.

On this episode of the Ugandan Podcast, Brandy shares an insightful conversation with journalist and news anchor, Rita Kanya Mujuni. In this episode, Brandy and Rita delve into Rita’s journey within the media industry, discussing her experiences, challenges and triumphs along the way. They also delve into the topic of female mentorship in the media and the importance of gender representation in the industry. In addition to these discussions, they will be exploring the dynamics of new media versus traditional media, and how the two interact with each other. As the episode comes to a close, Brandy makes a special announcement, officially handing over the reins of the Ugandan Podcast to Rita as the new host.

Tune in
for an engaging conversation about the media landscape in Uganda and the future of the industry. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in journalism, media, and the impact of technology on the way we consume news and information.

The Ugandan podcast is an audio-visual production on informing, understanding and sharing on government programs so as to enhance citizen engagement in achieving the National Development Goals. We share facts, ideas and progress through dialogue and poetry so as to create positive impact. This podcast looks enhance a productive knowledgeable society and initiate conversation leading to mindset change and digital transformation.

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