Let’s Take A Trip – The Tribe UG Podcast!

The Tribe UG has always made an effort to make sure that there’s a conversation going on about UG Hip-Hop at all times. This conversation has gone down in many forms; We’ve had a blog, a website, award shows, tv/radio interviews, playlists, rap battle shows etc. For a while, we’ve been planning to add a new platform where we can engage in a literal conversation on the genre.

We usually joke about the fact that friends often make plans to take trips, but end up going nowhere. Well, Not Today! We’ve finally embarked on a new journey. The Tribe UG Podcast has finally set off, and it’s going to be quite the trip. The inaugural season will contain 8 episodes where we get to share our thoughts, views and ideas on the UG Hip-Hop industry as a whole with you.

We all have those friends that wake up, and spontaneously ask you to put your shoes on and get on the road with them. This isn’t that kind of trip. The Tribe UG Podcast been in the works for a while. We knew that we wanted to do this, but we also knew that we had to do it right! We had to do it on our own terms, and that meant making sure we had the right team with the right vision and the right mindset. We wanted to make sure we were keeping it real and authentic on all levels.

We all know that keeping it real and being brutally honest every now and then doesn’t always rub people the right way. But ultimately, if we want to grow and improve as a genre, we have to be honest with each other. We have to commend each other and give credit where credit is due, but this should not stop us from pointing out our flaws and discussing how we can improve and take it all to the next level. We’re here to say all this and more, and we’re definitely going to have a good time on this trip.

One of the best parts about traveling is bumping into other like-minded people, and having a good time together. We’ve only just released the first episode and we’re happy and grateful to see that there’s a number of people out there that have jumped on this train and said a thing or two already. We really appreciate the feedback, and we’re definitely looking forward to hearing your views on the things we say along the way.

Your hosts @TheNinjaFelix, @TheCountMarkula, @PauloTheWriter and @LMLubowa are humbled and honored to have you take this trip with us. We have to take a moment to thank the parties that have fueled this journey, so big shout out to Skyline Media, Grey Point Media & LNF Undisputed. You can listen to episode 001 of  The Tribe UG Podcast here.

Catch you all on the next episode. Let’s Get it!

The Count

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